Terms of Agreement

1. General

VIENNAFLAT GmbH offers fully furnished and with the usual utensils equipped apartments for temporal residentual purposes. As the apartments are situated in apartment buildings, we ask our guests to respect the house rules and to avoid noise in the stairwell and the apartment. All apartments are non smoking apartments. Also in the staircases of the apartment buildings smoking is prohibited.

The stipulated rental price includes all additional costs such as electricity, hot water, heating, cleaning, sales tax, local tax, bed linen, towels and a base stock of supplies (such as toilet paper, soap and detergent). Upon check-in, guests will find a clean apartment with the desired number of freshly made beds.

2. Booking

2.1. Booking an apartment

Requests can be made via telephone, orally or written and are always free of charge and non-binding. If the guest names a date and duration for the stay as well as the number of guests that will be staying they will receive a non-binding offer from VIENNAFLAT with a rental price including any additional costs such as taxes, heating/AC and electricity, bedsheets, towels, initial and final cleaning etc. Once a guest confirms an offer of VIENNAFLAT GmbH, they will receive a confirmation of their booking. The desired apartment will be reserved for the selected time period and the stipulated rental price cannot be changed afterwards. To secure a booking, the client pays the rental price at least two weeks after receiving the invoice. In case of last-minute bookings the rental price has to be paid at latest on arrival. Any additional fees such as bank transfer fees will be borne by the client.

2.2. Cancellation terms and fees

If cancellation occurs more than eight weeks before arrival 5% of the total price will be charged as cancellation fee.

If cancellation occurs between eight to four weeks before arrival 40% of the total price will be charged as cancellation fee.

If cancellation occurs between four to one weeks before arrival 80% of the total price will be charged as cancellation fee.

If cancellation occurs less than 7 days before arrival or the customer does not show up at all, the entire rental price will be kept as cancellation fee. Should the guest depart earlier than agreed, any already paid nights will not be refunded.

Any transfer fees concerning the refund will be borne by the client.

2.3. Deposit

At the beginning of the stay the guest has to provide a safety deposit in order to secure the duties on their behalf of the tenancy. The safety deposit is to be made by credit card guarantee. Upon proper return of the keys and the apartment at departure and if no damages have been found, the credit card will not be charged.

3. Arrival and departure procedures

3.1. Arrival (check-in)

The guest can check-in o arrival date after 15.00. At the agreed check-in time an employee of VIENNAFLAT will be waiting at the apartment with the keys. If it is foreseeable that the guest cannot arrive at the agreed time, he must inform VIENNAFLAT immediately by calling 0043 - 699 - 1541 09 45 and arrange an alternative check-in time. Should the guest fail to inform VIENNAFLAT in the aforementioned way or should the guest not appear at the agreed time, 25€ will be charged, should a second check-in be necessary.

3.2. Departure (Check-Out)

At 10.00 at the latest the apartment must be cleared of all of the guests property. Upon return of the apartment keys and with the apartment in good condition the full amount of the safety deposit will be refunded. If the guest stays in the apartment against the agreement, the rent is not extended. An extension of the rent is only possible with the explicit approval of VIENNAFLAT GmbH.

4. Cancellation of the contract

If it turns out that a booked apartment is uninhabitable or unavailable because of defects, maintenance or other operational requirements VIENNAFLAT will offer the guest reasonable alternatives.

The customer can select one of the alternative offers or cancel free of charge. In this case VIENNAFLAT guarantees the refund of all payments not consumed. Any further liability is excluded.

5. Duties of the contractor accommodation

5.1. Obligation to register

The Austrian Registration Act requires that every guest truthfully fills out and signs a registration form provided by the host upon arrival. The registration forms are kept by the host and will not be transmitted to third parties, except for the registration authority and the organs of public security. Every guest has to make sure that only persons who filled out a registration form stay in the apartment.

5.2. Other obligations

The guest must provide employees of VIENNAFLAT GmbH access to the rented apartment at any time to perform inspections, cleaning or repairs. Of course, the VIENNAFLAT GmbH ensures to respect the privacy of the guest as much as possible and will announce the necessity to access the apartment beforehand if possible.

The guest agrees to treat the apartment and its furniture and inventory carefully and pays all costs of repairing damage caused by them either intentionally or by improper handling (eg, burn marks, damaged or extremely dirty furniture / textiles, broken glass , etc.) in full. Structural alteration and modification f the furniture are strictly forbidden. In case of loss of a key the guest must pay the cost of replacing the lock.

Guests are responsible for disposing of their waste on a regular basis in the appropriate containers in the yard of the house and also the recycling of their waste in a proper manner. The house rules have to be complied.

6. Miscellaneous

The apartment may not be rented to another person.

The Proprietor is not liable for theft, loss or damage to the guest's property or injuries and diseases of the guest in the apartment.

Any problems or defects must be reported by the guest as quickly as possible, so that possible solutions can be applied as quickly as possible.

If single clauses of this contract are not valid, this does not affect the validity of the remaining clauses.

The place of jurisdiction shall be Vienna.